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SETLA FRERES : General painting and decoration company in Luxembourg

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Serving professionals and individuals since 1970

A Luxembourg company in the fields of painting and decoration for over 50 years

The company SETLA FRERES, a general painting company, was created in January 1970, by its manager Mr. SETLA Edouard.

Over the years, the family business has built a solid and serious reputation thanks to the quality of its services, its ethics and its commitment to the full satisfaction of its customers.

Today, it has established itself as a leading company in the fields of building painting and decoration in the region.

SETLA FRERES is active throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg up to the Belgian and French borders.

At SETLA FRERES, innovation is part of our DNA and contributes to the development of our production techniques. Painting, facade renovation, floors and wall coverings are part of our expertise that has evolved over time. We also offer our services in interior decoration, industrial painting, facade waterproofing and caulking of construction joints or thermal insulation from the outside (I.T.E).

Faithful to its ethics, SETLA Frères has been able to evolve and adapt to the demands of its customers and benefits from a clientele of professionals and individuals who are sensitive to its craftsman identity, its know-how and its professional commitment.

For many years, our company has been working effectively with various clients such as architectural firms, construction companies, industrial companies, shopping centers and urban planners for quality projects.

We also operate in public places, such as offices, shopping malls, public buildings, hospitals, stores, restaurants, festival halls, museums, schools, gyms…

Whatever the nature of your work, private or professional, entrust your project to painting professionals, our team will match its skills to meet your demands.

We accompany you in your project with a tailored quote, a professional advice and regular monitoring of the site until the work is completed.

We bring adapted solutions by guaranteeing you quality services, technical commitments and deadlines.
Our commitment : Your Satisfaction

Our strengths:

  • a plan that meets your wishes and needs.
  • implementation of the means necessary for the completion of your project.
  • a free and detailed estimate of your project at an optimized cost.
  • No hidden costs.
  • a respected work schedule and regular site monitoring.
  • the use of quality products that comply with European standards.
  • qualified and experienced painters trained in the latest methods and product trends.


SETLA FRERES : Your Specialist Painter in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Contact us for all your interior and exterior painting work in the Grand Duchy.

From advice to final completion, our teams ensure a perfectly controlled construction site.

Our charter :

We make it a priority to maintain our excellent reputation thanks to our know-how and professionalism. With an experience of more than 50 years, our company benefits today from the confidence of a large clientele of professionals and individuals sensitive to its artisanal identity, its know-how and its professional commitment.

Our Services

Renovation and restoration

A new construction? A renovation? Private individuals or professionals, we carry out your interior painting work on all types of supports (ceilings, walls, doors, windows …)

Our painters/coaters will take care of the preparation of the background to be painted (stripping, re-corking, wall and ceiling renovation, plastering, plastering, jointing plasterboard, installation of any non-woven glass cloth or not such as VARIOVLIES or RAUHFAZER … ) to the application of the final finish (paint, wallpaper, …).

Interior paints on new or renovated surfaces

Everything gets painted! But there is a wide variety of paints and application techniques, so that it is difficult for some to find their way around. Whether oil or water-based paints, alkyd, bi-component, biosourced, decorative, specific … the list is endless.

Each surface requires a specific preparation, an adapted paint as well as a professional application for a guaranteed and durable result and a finish that meets your expectations.

Whether you need to paint walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors or floors, you can entrust us with your painting project for a professional result. Our experienced painters, trained in the various application techniques, will paint your surfaces with quality products in compliance with European standards.

The presence of the project manager on site ensures clear and direct communication. The regular follow-up on site allows the schedule and the various constraints specific to your need to be met.

Paints and decorative coatings

Looking for a new style? More contemporary textures? More trendy colors? The decoration sector as well as the painting sector is evolving. New products and trends appear every year. Trust us to assist you in your decoration projects.

The techniques of wall decorations have no secrets for our qualified decorators, among our know-how:

  • Decorative paints and lacquer (effect paints, sponge paints, whitewash, faux wood lacquer, faux marble, patina…)
  • Decorative coatings (waxed concrete, clay, stucco, natural lime …) to iron or structure.
  • Mural fresco

We are at your disposal to offer you the best solutions for your interior design projects.

Wall coverings

Do you want to give your property a new look? Whether you are an individual or a professional, we offer a quality wall covering service: Diagnosis and application on all supports.

Among our skills

Laying of all types of wall coverings, technical or decorative:

  • Classic, non-woven or wallpaper installation
  • Laying of glass cloth: smooth (VARIOVLIES), structured (SCANDATEX), or Ingrain (RAUHFASER)
  • Laying of Tapestry and wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Laying of prefabricated elements like Staff, Mouldings, Cornices, Panelling, PVC …

You can request a free and customized quote by simply filling out this form!

Floor coverings

From floor to ceiling, we guarantee the best solutions for the renovation of your space

Flexible floors
They offer an aesthetic alternative to more traditional floors. These coverings perfectly imitate more noble materials (wood, tile, marble, etc.) while remaining easier to maintain and more accessible.

We carry out the laying of :

  • Carpets
  • Lino in tiles, rolls or strips
  • Vinyl
  • PVC

Resin, Waxed concrete
Very popular at the moment is waxed concrete and resin that can be used to cover (almost) any surface, horizontally or vertically.

Laying and varnishing of parquet floors
From existing parquet to renovate to clip-in parquet to install, our skills and know-how will guide you in your choices.

Outdoor work

Your facade is aging, gets dirty, cracks appear and paint is peeling.

Renovating your facades allows you to remedy the disorders generated by time and to give a new life to your facades before the damage related to the moods of the climate, pollution and natural aging, are too important. To enhance your home, there’s nothing like renovating your exterior:

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Roof de-mossing – Roof painting
  • Facade paint
  • Renovation – Laying of frames – plastering
  • Woodwork (doors, windows, shutters, under roof, dolphins…)
  • Metals (garage doors, gates…)
  • Processing of your basements
  • Changing shelves…
  • ITE Isolation Thermique Extérieure
  • Varnishing of exterior woodwork with wood treatment

The use of paints specific to the techniques of restoration also have waterproofing qualities that guarantee you a result a durability in time.

Industrial paint

For construction professionals, we carry out your industrial painting work on any type of support – Careful work

  • Concrete floor (clear finish or opaque color)
  • Concrete block or gypsum wall
  • Ventilation and heating duct
  • Metal siding – Fireproof paint
  • Structure in wrought iron, aluminum or metal
  • Embossed steel deck ceiling
  • Etc…

Application techniques used:

  • Application by spraying with high pressure airless Mark7 – airless Mark10 and low pressure
  • Manual application with roller/brush

We operate whether it is to repaint the ceilings, walls, floors of a factory, a warehouse, technical basements or even a parking lot with products adapted and applied by professionals for a guaranteed result.

Each surface has its own type of industrial paint

Each industrial surface is unique and must be coated with several layers of coatings (primer, paint and protective coatings) to be properly protected because each type of industrial paint has its own function: to prevent corrosion, to fill holes and cracks, to color the surface, to give a specific finish or to protect.

We strictly comply with the specifications and carry out the work in accordance with the national and international standards in force and ensure strict compliance with all safety and quality standards in the field of construction.

Our company works efficiently with architectural firms, construction companies, industrialists and urban planners for quality projects.

Achievements that reflect our real commitment to our customers!

Come and discover all our achievements in painting, decoration and surface coating!

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